Hookah’ing in Charleston, South Carolina!

9e6bfb795412b60947e7ae5bb1a338d6Cafe Paradiso located 51 S Market St, Charleston SC 29401 (843) 958-9717 is one of the cutest tucked away places in Downtown Charleston. If you’re looking for a hookah bar that’s chilled and laid back this is the place. A great friend of mine suggested let’s try something different in the middle of bar hopping.

It’s a cafe, not a bar where you have inside/outside seating. They have specialty coffees, sandwiches, some sweet bits, chips and that’s about it. It was late night, and we weren’t going for fine dining. We wanted a new experience, the hookah experience.

Once you get there, there is a deposit for the hookah. You can pick the hookah and the flavors of tobacco you fancy. When you walk in there’s a chalkboard near the entrance with all the flavors so you don’t have to hold up the line up while picking your flavors. The staff is very helpful. After you take care of the all the financial stuff, you saunter outside and sit at one of the umbrella tables and wait for the hookah to arrive. I went with strawberry and mint. 1348349480_8503_l

Once it arrived I was a little apprehensive and overwhelmed at how big it was. You get disposable plastic tips so you’re not sharing germs. My friend took the first “hit”, then I braced myself and “hit” it. It was cool. At the time, I was still puffing on my Marlboro Menthol’s, so after a couple of hits I pulled out my cigarettes and went to town!

I recommend stopping by Cafe Paradiso if not for the hookah experience but just to sit and let time pass while you enjoy a Turkish coffee and scenes of the Charleston Market.

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